People With Holes: Stories by Heather Fowler

Pink Narcissus Press is proud to announce the acceptance of People With Holes, a new collection of magical realism stories by the talented Heather Fowler.

60% of the profit from sales of Fowler’s book will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Coming in July 2012

The world is full of platitudes about the marks left on us by love, but Heather Fowler knows love doesn’t leave footprints in sand or soft whispers on summer breezes. Love leaves holes in us all, whether they are shot through by a modern-day William Tell’s arrows, chiseled out by a very necessary beheading, or slowly eroded over moments of anxiety in airplane parking lots. People With Holes tells the stories of unusual people with unusual loves, and once you have read their stories, you’ll see right through them… and into your own heart.

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